I like to think of myself as an artist. Whether behind the camera lens, or leading dance moves on the floor, or creating next-generation distributed systems, aesthetics and purpose are important to me, as well as community.

Open Source Projects

These are all projects I created or co-created, and I maintain most of them… when time allows :)

  • compressed-vec - Rust SIMD columnar compression library
  • Spark Job Server - REST API for Apache Spark job submission, logging, control
    • Job Server is being included in Datastax Enterprise!
  • FiloDB and filo - high performance distributed analytical database built on Apache Spark and Cassandra
  • Scala links - useful links for learning Scala and Scala projects
  • ScalaStorm
  • msgpack4s - a fast, streaming-friendly, type-safe MessagePack library for Scala

Where I Hang Out

Interviews, WebCasts, Blogs

Reactive Foundation blog post - Decoupling Space: Create Flexibility by Embracing the Network - my blog post on how Actors and message passing decouples space and allows for flexible app architecture

O’Reilly Webcast - Fast and Simplified Streaming, Ad-Hoc and Batch Analytics with FiloDB and Spark Streaming

Typesafe blog/interview - Fast Forward With Fast Data, Scala and Akka: Q/A with Spark Job Server creator

O’Reilly blog: Apache Cassandra for Analytics: A Performance and Storage Cost Analysis

O’Reilly Podcast Interview - Building a Scalable Platform for Streaming Updates and Analytics

Presentations and Conferences

See SlideShare and my presentations site

Reactive Summit 2020 - Designing Stateful Apps for Cloud and Kubernetes

SBTB 2019 - Rust and Scala, Sitting in a Tree * Youtube video

Monitorama PDX 2019 - Rich Histograms at Scale: A New Hope

SBTB 2018 - FiloDB: Real-time, In-Memory Time Series at Massive SMACK Scale (video)

KEYNOTE - Reactive Summit 2018 - FiloDB: Reactive, Real-time, In-Memory Time Series at Scale

Scale by the Bay 2017 - 2017 High Performance Database with Scala, Akka, Spark

Scala by the Bay 2016 - Building a High-Performance Database in Scala, Akka, and Spark


Strata San Jose 2016 - NoLambda: A new architecture combining streaming, ad hoc, machine-learning, and batch analytics

Strata Singapore 2015 - Breakthrough OLAP on Cassandra and Spark - sorry video doesn’t seem to be up yet but here is synopsis.

Spark Summit EU 2015 talk - Productionizing Spark and the Spark Job Server video and slides

Big Data Scala 2015 - End to End Pipeline Training and Breakthrough OLAP on Cassandra and Spark

SF Spark and Friends - Nov 2015 - FiloDB: Combining Spark Streaming and Ad-Hoc Analytics

Scala Days 2015 talk on Productionizing Akka

SF Spark and Friends .. Cassandra South Bay Meetup .. Scala Days 2015 SF .. FOSS4G-NA 2015 .. Cassandra Summit 13 14 .. Spark Summit 13 14 ..